Top 5 Strategies for Obtaining Inbound Links

I’ve included the ways below in the order you should use them: from the basic (what you should do when you first start a site) to the advanced (what you should do when your site is a little older and you’re already getting a decent quantity of visitors).

Before we begin, I must emphasize a crucial point: do not begin promoting your site until it has some content – it is unlikely that you will get good results if you promote an empty site!

  1. Directory submissions – This is a critical stage for a new site because it is likely how search engines will find you first. You will require the following items:
  • There are five possible variants of each of the following (excluding the site URL): site URL, title, description, and keyword list.
  • an email account setup just for directory submissions. Some directories will reject your submission if the email address is not on the domain of the site you are submitting.
  • a list of seo-friendly directories – one of the best lists of seo-friendly directories can be found at

Now comes the difficult part: take that directory list, go to each directory, and submit your site, changing the titles and descriptions with each submission. This is the most difficult part, primarily due to the amount of work – don’t worry, this can be made bearable by using two utilities: Roboform ( – which you can use with Internet Explorer and Firefox, both of which have free and paid versions) and Informenter ( – a Firefox-only extension).